Wildcat Wakeup: Up Close

Grace Chavez, Journalist

Wildcat Wakeup, the little school shop just near the cafeteria that has snacks and beverages at an affordable price has been around for a few years. A lot of people enjoy the store because the store offers products to eat at an affordable price and some would even say it’s cheaper than the food at the cafeteria lines.

According to teacher Lynora Linkenhoker, the shop wasn’t originally planned for a shopping experience for everyone.

“It was more for job training to let the students train to be cashiers and stockers,” Linkenhoker said. “We were never in it to make money. The money is great but that’s not why we opened Wildcat Wakeup.”

Wildcat Wakeup’s prices remain stable because students who staff it aren’t profiting off it. Student worker, Michael Vital has worked in the Wildcat Wakeup since his freshmen year and he’s a sophomore now.

“The prices are really low, so that’s why a lot of people come by,” Vital said. “Around 230 people per day go the Wildcat Wakeup to buy things. The most popular snacks there are the chips and candy but especially the Arizona tea.”

The Wildcat Wakeup is also almost always stocked. They take good care of it, and if it’s not stocked, it gets done soon, so running out of product is not a problem.

“Students workers stock four or even more times per day,” Lynora Linkenhoker said.

It’s also a comfy place for students to get food from and the students are quick and get the job done, the Wildcat Wakeup is a great shop for everyone to enjoy.

“I just love seeing all the smiling faces of the kids who come in here,” Vital said.

A person may wonder if students ever regret opening, since it’s a lot of work to do all the time and doesn’t seem easy due to the popularity of it.

“We don’t regret opening it up because it’s just very enjoyable for us, and we get to get out of class to work here instead,” Vital said.

It’s overall, just a friendly shop for students to be able to get cheap snacks and drinks, which are quite a commodity at Creek.