Homecoming: The King has Arrived

Sophia Langlois, Reporter

On Sept 23, 2022, Cameron Driver was crowned Homecoming king  for the first time, in CCHS’s lengthy history.

After 60 years of only having princesses and queens on the homecoming roster, their counterparts have been introduced. The presence of princes and a king has made his debut at Creek more embracing to the student body.

This year the MEGA lunch carnival, allowed for everyone to participate and was wildly popular. This was the first normal carnival since the outbreak of Covid-19. Everyone was together, there were so many booths spread around the courtyard and school spirit ran high.

“It’s cute, it gives guys a chance to slay,” junior Kamryn Hamilton said.

Even the girls find it great that guys get their time to shine.

“I’m confused as to why it’s new. It should have always been there,” junior Kalyn Willis said. “It’s more inclusive.”

Confusion as to why it’s new is common question amongst students, but many welcome the change. Many guys have felt that they too, can feel like a part of homecoming.

“I think it’s great,” junior Trestyn McElroy said. “It lets more guys participate in homecoming festivities.”

The reason behind this sudden change in roster is due to some curious events that went down last homecoming. A guy tried to run for homecoming court, when the next day it was announced to the school that guys can’t run for a homecoming court position as they were not female. This statement caused an uproar from students, who thought this declaration was unfair and discriminatory, which resulted in this year’s new and improved Homecoming royalty.

“I feel more represented, as a male,” junior Rowan Svetlik said.

As long as the school still stands, Creek will continue to move forward to improve for everyone, staff and students alike. That is the Creek way, which was bravely displayed this Homecoming.