Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

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Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

Creek HiLife

Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

Creek HiLife

The Final Obstacle Before Break

Although students are excited for the upcoming break first, final exams must be dealt with. Winter break provides students time to relax and take a break from schoolwork and extracurricular activities, where many take advantage of and hang out with their loved ones.

“I’m going to work as staff for winter camp at Strake,” Hannah Doyle (12) said. “I get to hang out with all my camp friends that I usually don’t see during the school year. I’m also excited to see my friends in college.”

This year, students are let out three days later than last year for break on Dec. 21, and they come back to school on Jan. 9, giving an extra day compared to last year.

“I actually like that the break is starting later because we’ve gotten so much work done already,” Jersie Vance (12) said. “It feels like we earned the break rather than just going on break and coming back to tons of tests and assignments.”

Some students prefer having finals week before the break, rather than after.

“It makes my week a lot easier,” Vance said. “I can fully relax and not have to worry about anything school related.”

However, having finals week during one of the busiest times of the year, presents a conflict of interest for students.

“I feel like the lead up to Christmas is when all the excitement and activities happen,” Lauren Nguyen (12) said. “I’m so busy with homework and studying; I don’t have time to go to the holiday parades and help my dad with decorations. Finals week is very busy and unenjoyable for me, because I can’t expperience the holiday time to the fullest.”

The week before break is when most students spend their time studying and preparing for their projects and tests.

“I think I’m prepared for my final exams,” Isabel Nolen (12) said. “I’m not worried about not knowing the information. I’m more worried about not remembering it in the moment during the test.”

Final Exams are important for students who need the chance to improve their grade.

“I’m not doing well in Pre-Cal,” Elena Wright (12) said. “If I do really well on the exam, my grade will go up so I’m studying for that exam. I can go into break happy that I’ve brought my grades up.”

Overall, finals are an important period in the first semester where students have to work hard so that their break can be stress-free and fun.

“I hope to get my finals over with so that when I go on break, I can relax,” Elizabeth McConathy (9) said. “When I come back from break, I will be refreshed and ready to start a new semester on the right foot.”

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