Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

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Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

Creek HiLife

Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

Creek HiLife

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May 29, 2024

Black History Month

Many people around the world do not support Black History Month. Many of these people believe that it is arbitrary to have a month, but it isn dedicated to representation and awareness of a people that were oppressed for so long. African Americans went through generations of struggles including slavery, racism, and segregation. The history of struggles black people endured created an irreversible bias that still exists today. One month of representation and awareness to focus and educate on those struggles is not long enough to help mitigate the effects of institutional racism.

A month of black history does not provide enough time to cover the full depth and complexities which occurred. The history of black people is rich and complex that a single month is not sufficient to explore all the contributions, achievements, and recognize the struggles of the black community.

Another reason for extending Black History Month is because black history is American history with roughly 15% of the population identifying as black in 2020.  Black people have played a significant role in shaping the United States since its establishment, and their contributions continue to affect our society today. For example, Black Americans started the Harlem renaissance. According to Sojoarts, the Harlem renaissance was a golden age for African American artists, writers, and musicians. It gave all the artists pride in and control over how the black experience was represented in American culture, and it also set the stage for the civil right movements.

A longer period dedicated to learning and discussing Black history would allow a comprehensive understanding of the role of Black people in shaping the nation’s past, present, and future.

Extending Black History Month would also supply a greater opportunity to highlight overlooked aspects of Black History. While well-known figures and events, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement are often discussed during Black History Month, there are many other people and events that are often overlooked. By extending the period of recognition, we can supply a more comprehensive understanding of Black History and ensure that all aspects are acknowledged and celebrated.

A longer Black History Month could help address the ongoing issue of racism and inequality. By promoting greater understanding and appreciation of Black History, we can work to combat the systemic racism and discrimination that continue to affect black people today. This greater awareness and education can lead to positive changes in polices, attitudes and behaviors, contributing to a more just and fair society for all. Back in 1976 the only person who was able to extend black history month to a whole month of February. was President Gerald Ford, meaning President Biden should extend Black History Month from all of February to half of March.

Many would argue that one month is enough representation for Black history. Even though a month does offer a large amount of recognition, single month is not enough to fully capture the vast and rich history of black people. People should understand that black culture is complex and there are many aspects that should be recognized which is why one month is not enough. The government should extend the month to two months.

Extending Black History Month would supply a greater opportunity to fully recognize and celebrate the contribution and struggle of black people throughout history. By doing so, people can work towards a more complete understanding of our nation’s past, and advocate for a more just and fair future.




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