Latitude to Learn launches redeployment at Creek


Lisa Nhan, Managing Editor

Creek saw the first tablet redeployment and distribution for the year on September 2 for the Latitude to Learn initiative. This year improvements and changes have been made to expand the one on one initiative goal to increase the student’s learning experience.

Mr. Kevin Schwartz helping students check out their tablets

As the only grades that had the tablets before were the current sophomore and junior class, this year’s freshmen and seniors students were able to have their first experience with the Dell Latitude 10 Tablets. In fact, their experience differed from the rest as they received newer editions of the tablet. The most distinguishing fact between the two editions is the thinner case on the more recent edition. However, students who had tablet troubles whom owned a tablet this year received a new edition.

“I actually really like the new tablet in comparison to my other one from last year. It’s thinner, so it doesn’t take as much room in my backpack. I have also found that the touchscreen responded better,” Emily Coburn, junior, said.

The sophomores and juniors were given back their previous tablet from last year, unless they had chosen to keep it over the summer. For all grades, they received training in their advisory.

Much of the training was done using Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media is highly recommended by the district as a tool for technology learning, because it gives information on how to effectively use Social Media in a productive and safe way.

The redeployment and distribution was again aided by the district technology staff. Even the Head of Technology, Mr. Kevin Schwartz, could be seen in the cafeteria passing out tablets to students. The whole staff was offering their help to Creek’s students.

For those who were experiencing Tablet trouble or had any questions after the deployment, could find help at the Creek Connections booth in the library. However, many students have adjusted the tablets to suit their individual needs.

“I’ve found that I’ve been able to incorporate the tablet to even my extracurricular activities for clubs. It makes it more convenient to communication with other members of the club,” Sarah Creveling, senior, said.

This year marks an exciting change for the tablet deployment, as all of 5th, 8th, and 12th will receive their tablets for the first time this fall. However, the elementary students will not be allowed to take their tablets home. They will have to remain at home. Next year the rest of the intermediate grades and all of 4th will receive their tablets. This will mark the end of the three-year rollout plan.


In the past, the only intermediate school that had access to these tablets was Victory Lakes’ eighth graders as they acted as a test group. This is also true for Clear Lake City fourth and fifth graders.

Earlier this summer, Parent Orientation Nights were held across the district at every intermediate and high school for parents to learn more about the initiative of the Latitude to Learn Program. Creek’s took place on August 28 for any parent interested. It covered the basic goals of the program, such as personalizing technology to incorporate into existing curriculum, and common parent concerns, like Internet safety. For those interested and were unable to make the meeting, information is always available on the Latitude to Learn section of the district website.

Also available on the website is Student Training videos. These videos cover everything from touch controls to how to play music in the car with the tablet. There is also a student email re-connection, which was a common issue among juniors this year in receiving their tablets back from the summer.

With all of the new changes and reestablishment of Latitude to Learn, CCISD students are in no lack of resources to learn about their tablets. The goal of one on one initiative learning is being further with each tablet distributed.