Tiffany Wade, Reporter

The iPhone has evolved vastly over the years. Since Steve Jobs released the first iPhone June 29, 2007, it sold millions.

It is a “revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone”, said Steve Jobs.

The iPhone was the first phone to actually use a touch screen, while all other phones were focusing on using buttons. It also made for a different and simpler way to message others, such as texting or voicemail, and “breakthrough Internet communications.” The 4GB model sold for $499 and 8GB model sold for $599. However, it was a suggested investment for someone within the business and or marketing field because you could merge calls together to create a conference call.

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations,” Steve Jobs said.

Since the iPhone was a major upgrade from other phones at the time in terms of being more convenient, it was successful. Apple decided to make a second generation of iPhone’s: iPhone 3G. It was introduced on June 9, 2008 and released July 11, 2008. The sound and camera were improved along with a larger amount of memory (8GB or 16GB) for both black and white models. Eventually, Apple decided to release the iPhone3GS to add an improved performance, 3-megapixel camera with higher resolution, and high quality videos. It was released June 19, 2009 and sold over 1 million within the first weekend.

“You can’t con people in this business. The products speaks for themselves,” Jobs said.

The next generation was the iPhone 4. The GSM, which was the first, was unveiled June 7, 2010 and released June 24, 2010 and sold 600,000 pre-orders within 24 hours before being released. With the new iPhone cameimproved memory, higher resolution, introduction to FaceTime, and the front-facing camera. Both iPhone lovers and even critics loved it. Since it was getting so much publicity and so many people were buying it, Apple chose to end AT&T as being the only carrier of the iPhone and other Apple products in the United States. The iPhone 4 also ended up being the longest selling iPhone, which was sold for nearly 4 years. Then, the iPhone 4S came out selling 4 million in the first three days of initial sales. Some people hoped for a larger display, some hoped for a refreshed design, and others hoped for a 4G, however it introduced the iCloud, iMessage, Notificaion Center, Reminders, Twitter, and Siri.

Apple decided to go a little further with the modern advancements. They created the iPhone5 which was released September 21, 2012. It sold two million units within the initial 24 hours of pre-order and 5 million sold the first day of release. It was improved by acting as a hotspot, given new privacy settings, and it featured iOS6 which was released September 19, 2012. It included the ability to play movies, music, TV shows, E-books, audiobooks, podcasts, and had a new way of sorting music. As for the appearance, the phone came with a longer screen, and it was 18% thinner, 20% lighter, and has 12% less overall volume. It was an overall success within the Apple business.

Released on September 20, 2013, the iPhone 5S and 5C became available. The iPhone 5S supplied with iOS7, which highlighted refined topography, new icons, and more features and also acted as a hotspot. The 5C didn’t compete in feature phone segment and was the base model price for free with a 2-year contract once the iPhone6 and 6Plus were announced. It included the hardware as the iPhone5S, however claimed to be the most durable iPhone ever. Both sold over 9 million in the first 3 weeks, but the 5S sold three times more the units than the 5C, even though the 5C offered more color options on the back, such as blue, green, white, and pink, whereas the 5S offered only space-grey, silver, and gold.

“I liked the fact that with the 5C you could choose which color you liked for the back of the phone,” Laura Shelby, junior, said.

Now, Apple has announced another generation of iPhone in the form of the iPhone6 and iPhone 6Plus. These new phones come new and improved accessories. The iPhone 6 already sold out within the first two minutes, and the release date is September 19, 2014. More phone information is to be announced.

The iPhone has evolved since the first iPhone to the latest iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus and continues to shape the world of technology.