CREEK Fine Arts Corner 2015-16

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor

Photos by Aria Velazquez





IMG_1811IMG_1816Creek’s Fine Arts programs continue their winning tradition. Below is a list of accolades won by the various blocks on our Fine Arts Corner chosen by their advisor/teacher from HiLife requests.


Scholastic Regional Silver Keys – 11

Scholastic Regional Gold Keys – 4

VASE Regional Medals  – 46

VASE State Qualifiers – 17

Rodeo – 1 Special Merit

Texas Association of School Board Awards – 1

Terri Foltz-Fox




~Mounted a production of The Good Doctor by Neil Simon in October which featured the work of 70+ Actors & Technicians and was seen by 350+ patrons including two sell-out performances

~Collected 1160 pounds of non-perishable food items to donate to Interfaith Caring Ministries

~Madelyn Chidester (11) & Zoie Ellis (11) received a perfect score in Duet Acting at the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days contest

~Ashlyn Carter (11), Madelyn Chidester (11) & Michelle DeMoss (10) qualified for Nationals in Group Acting at the Texas Thespians Festival

~London Strickland (12) accepted a $30,000 scholarship to attend the Theatre Education program at Stephen F. Austin State University

~Mounted a production of InnerSolar by Bradley Hewlett [featuring original music by student Noah Massey (11)] which featured the work of 50+ Actors & Technicians and was seen by 350+ patrons over three sell-out performances

~The League of Extraordinary Improvisers performed two sold-out shows at CCI during the Fall Semester

~Tanar Yocum (12) advanced to the Quarter Finals round of the UIL Focus Film Contest in the Narrative Category

~Justin Adams (12) accepted a $10,000 scholarship to attend the Santa Fe School of Art & Design

~Advanced to Bi-District in the UIL One Act Play Contest with a production ofThe Crucible by Arthur Miller

~UIL One Act Play District Contest Awards:

o   Jerrica Burke (Stage Manager) – Technical Award

o   Cole Hutto (John Proctor) – Honorable Mention

o   Zoie Ellis (Elizabeth Proctor) – All-Star Cast

~UIL One Act Play Bi-District Contest Awards:

o   Matthew Hall (Light Board Operator) – Technical Award

o   Tanar Yocum (Thomas Putnam) – Honorable Mention

o   Cole Hutto (John Proctor) – All-Star Cast

o   Zoie Ellis (Elizabeth Proctor) – All-Star Cast

Bradley Hewlett, Theatre Director





Crowd Pleasers Contest – Pearland High School – February 20, 2016

Junior Soloist Results:

Semi-Finalist – Lysabeth Nordin

9th Runner-Up Finalist – Lilia Jurnalov


Senior Soloist Results:

Solo Semi-Finalist – Natalie Cortes

4th Runner-UP – Marlee Whittington


Social Committee Results:

2nd Runner-Up


Officer Results:

Officer Super Sweepstakes

2nd Runner-Up – Extra Large Jazz


Team Results:

1st Runner-Up – Team Kick

2nd Runner-Up – Team Modern

Outstanding Technique Award

Team Super Sweepstakes

4th Runner-Up Grand Champion


Crowd Pleasers Contest – Clear Springs High School – February 27, 2016

Junior Soloist Results:

6th Runner-Up – Lilia Jurnalov


Senior Soloist Results:

3rd Runner-Up – Marlee Whittington


Social Committee Results:

2nd Runner-Up

Outstanding Artistry – Social Committee


Officer Results:

Officer Super Sweepstakes

4th Runner-Up – Officer Jazz

Crowd Pleaser Award – Officer Contemporary


Team Results:

4th Runner-Up – Team Jazz

1st Place – Best in Class – Team Modern

Outstanding Performance – Team Jazz

Team Super Sweepstakes

3rd Runner-Up Grand Champion


Champions Contest– Tompkins High School – March 5, 2016

9th and 1oth Grade Soloist Results:

2nd Runner-Up – Lilia Jurnalov

Semi-Finalist – Sophie Bivens

Semi-Finalist – Lysabeth Nordin


11th and 12th Soloist Results:

4th Runner-Up – Marlee Whittington

Semi-Finalist – Natalie Cortes


Social Committee Results:

1st Place – Champion


Jazz Company Results:

1st Place – Champion


Officer Results:

1st Place – Officer Contemporary

1st Place – Officer Jazz

1st Place – Officer Lyrical

Judge’s Award – Officers

Technique Award – Officers

Division Grand Champion – 1st Place – Officers

Champions Cup Award – Officers

Overall Grand Champion – Runner-Up – Officers


Team Results:

2nd Runner-Up – Team Jazz

1st Runner-Up – Team Kick

1st Place – Team Modern

Showmanship Award – Team

Choreography Award – Team

Judge’s Award – Team

Technique Award – Team

Judge’s Award – Most Memorable Performance – Team Jazz

Division Grand Champion – 2nd Runner-Up – Team

Champions Cup Award – Team



We beat last years total for state qualifications totals by 1 for the Texas Forensic Association.

Christina Morrison in Public Forum 3 times and Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking and placed 5th at state with Alexis Gabbard in Public Forum and was a quarter-finalist in Foreign Extemporaneous. 

Alexis Gabbard in Public Forum Debate and 5th place at state with Christina Morrison

Sahar Jiwani in Public Forum 2 times and placed in the top 32 at state with Greyson Gilliam

Greyson Gilliam in Public Forum 2 times in Public Forum and top 32 with Sahar Jiwani

Justyce Yuille in Original Oratory

Catherine Pierce in Humorous Interpretation

Scott Lindberg in Congressional Debate

Mercedes Holmes and Anusha Jiwani in Public Forum Debate



Scott Lindberg and Alexis Gabbard qualified for state in UIL Cross Examination Debate

Christina Morrison quarterfinalist at districts in Lincoln Douglass Debate

Peyton Linder 5th place in Prose at UIL Districts

Greyson Gilliam placed first in UIL District in persuasive. Anusha Jiwani, Christina Morrison, and Alisha Sood were also finalists in UIL Extemp. 


Tournament of Champions qualifiers are Justyce Yuille, Christina Morrison, and Arsheen Virani in Original Oratory, Christina Morrison and Anusha Jiwani in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Catherine Pierce in Humorous Interpretation. Sahar Jiwani and Greyson Gilliam also received a bid for the Tournament of Champions, a great accomplishment.


National Championships

Sahar Jiwani and Christina Morrison will be representing Clear Creek this June in Public Forum Debate.


Special Accomplishments

Alisha Sood for coming so close to state in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Jack Callahan, Alejandro Gomez, Rachel Boyd, Nicholas Garza, Travis Falknor, Sunny Wang, and Bria Wullschleger for all finaling and trophying as novices.

Geena Timmerman for consistently finaling in Prose and Humorous Interpretation.

Elmar Sadygov for continuously finagling in Humorous Interpretation.

Brandon Griffin and Nicholas Froeschner for both getting a third of their qualification. 

Katie Parker and Reagan Brooks for finaling for 

Brian Darby