Creek HiLife editors for 2016-17

Creek HiLife editors for 2016-17

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor


Photo courtesy of the yearbook and Mrs. O’Neil

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Banquet at South Shore Grille 2016~Photo by Jasmine Garza

Editors-in-chief: Troylon Griffin II and Emily Ruthven

Managing Editor: Issac Villarreal

Design Editor: Hannah Pearson

                           DeDe Edwards

Features Editor: Brittney Melanson

Teen Interest Editor: Catherine Irvine

News Editor: Fizza Gilani

Around Creek Editor: Emily Ruthven

Sports Editor: Troylon Griffin II

Advertising Manager: Issac Villarreal

Photo Editors: Hannah Pearson

                             Katie Rodriguez

                        Sierra Dickey

Online Editors: Gabby Martinez

                                 Hayley Johnson