CREEK Parking and Rules 2016-17

Wynette Jameson, Publications Advisor

UPDATE 9.13.16


three road signs


 Parking at CCHS is a PRIVILEGE—Not a RIGHT!


Possession of a permit does not guarantee the permit holder a parking space in the student lot.


  • Each vehicle parked on the CCHS campus (including motorcycles) MUST have its own registered parking permit. Students are not allowed to sell (or give) their permits to other students. If this happens, both students lose their parking privilege for the entire year. Buying a permit from a student who has withdrawn from CCHS is not permissible.


  • Parking permits must be affixed to the front windshield right passenger side, lower quadrant. Permits not properly fixed and easily visible will result in parking citation and/or will be towed at owner’s expense.



  • Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another. Student is required to notify the parking office immediately if they are driving another vehicle. Temporary parking permits are only issued to students who have already received a CCHS parking permit. If a student permanently changes cars during the year, the old sticker must be turned in to the office before a new one can be issued. Students who change cars excessively may be charged an additional fee.


  • All students must park in designated student parking lots. If you choose to park out of an assigned lot, you will be given a citation and/or be towed at owners’ expense. A parking map will be attached to your parking sticker. Students with more than three (3) parking citations during the school year will have their permit revoked for the entire year. “I didn’t know” will not be accepted as an excuse.



  • 1st Offense: Warning   2nd Offense: Boot ($35)   3rd Offense: Tow at the owners expense.



  • Permits may be revoked without warning or notice for any violation of the student code of conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook, as well as any reckless driving (speeding, loud stereo on campus, etc.); this applies especially to students caught leaving/returning to campus without permission or who are excessively tardy to class. The maximum speed limit on campus is 10 mph.


  • During the CCHS football season, any vehicle parked on the band practice field (main student parking lot between 2094 and the large tree in the middle of the lot) must be out by 2:45 pm, or be towed at owners’ expense and charged a fine of up to $200. White paint striping, as that of the football field, marks this area.



  • Students are responsible for all items in their vehicles. Please clean out your vehicle regularly. Students found with prohibited/illegal items (as defined by the Student Handbook) in their vehicles will receive the consequences as if these items were found on their person.


  • Clear Creek High School is not an open campus. Once students arrive on campus they are not allowed to return to their vehicles during the school day without permission. Students are not allowed to leave campus prior to the end of the school day unless they have a scheduled early release period, a scheduled off campus class, or they have checked out properly with the attendance office. Any violation of this nature will be considered truancy.


If your vehicle has been towed from CCHS property, you will need to contact BOSONE TOWING, INC. The phone number is 281-474-3344, and they are located at 1717 HWY 3 between HWY 96 and FM 646 in League City.


You must bring the following documents to pick up your vehicle:

  • Title or registration information; the person who’s name is on the document must be present
  • A valid government issued picture ID: (drivers license, passport, state ID card, military ID card, …etc.)
  • Money (Call before you go to make sure you have the right amount)
  • 2016-17 Parking Application