JROTC hosts ninja obstacle course to raise money


Madison Daugherty , Reporter

The Clear Creek Army JROTC program held their own version of a district wide Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Challenge, based off the hit TV show of the same name on October 4th, 2014. The challenging event course included tricky balance beams, a tight belly crawl, a complicated tire jump run and other exciting obstacles like a slippery mound slide and a tunnel. Not only was this event planned for a delightful time, but also to raise money for the Creek JROTC Booster Club. It was the first time for the JROTC to host this event, and due to its success, will continue as a new tradition.

“We’re going to see if maybe next year we can make it a little more exciting, a little more challenging on some and a little less challenging on others. And maybe serve food next time. If we have a big enough crowd, we’ll get some of the health fitness guys to give massages afterwards,” Colonel Harris said.

Obstacle courses resembled those in the show it was based off it with all the intense courses and the hard work built in to challenge the students. Although it was for fun, it also served as a workout. According to Colonel Harris, it was to help students physically and mentally grow as a person.

The racecourse was set up at the Clear Creek Intermediate soccer field. The day of the impressive competition was on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. A regular course challenger cost was $30, although the CCISD cadets had a discount. On race day, they also sold T-shirts for $15. People who attended the course received a goody bag as well.

Obstacle courses are not only something schools all over the country do as a fundraiser, but motivates people to exercise their weak bodies and get them to burn off all of those heavy calories.

Many people say that the first attempt at an obstacle course is difficult to do, but once they have been repeated it multiple times it becomes easier.

Many people who attend obstacle courses said that a rope climb up a wood wall is the most challenging to achieve. Hunter Crunk, one of the participants in the obstacle challenge course said that the incline wall was the most difficult to achieve because it was “ nearly 15 feet tall.” To achieve it he had to “run really fast and jump.” According to Crunk and his experience, the rope climb used muscle strength in the upper arms and also accessed the mind to alert the feet how and where to place them on the tall wooden wall.

This obstacle course not only involves difficult exercises to over come but it also teaches how important teamwork is.

“I think anytime you challenge yourself it’s beneficial so it’s a good chance to do some physical activity and challenge yourself physically,” Colonel Harris said.

There were people around to help attend to any competitor who seemed to be having some trouble climbing over a wall or a different obstacle. Along with teamwork, the challenge works not only the body, but also the mind. It mentally challenges the competitor to think strongly and thoroughly of how to get through one course and jolt to the next. The men who were in charge of just about everything were Colonel Harris and Sepolvada. It took them quite a while to get this event planned together.

This year’s obstacle course was successful, especially with some off the kids timing.

“There were some kids who did it really quickly, and just turned around and did it again. But the fastest time was around nine minutes,” Colonel Harris said.