Murder by Poe provokes chills with haunting stories


Troylon Griffin II, Sports Editor

On October 23, the seven o’clock showing of Creek’s Murder by Poe play left many audience members with chills down their arms. It is written by Jeffery Hatcher and stars many of Creek’s current theater members, and I must say that it is an absolutely amazing play. There is hardly anything to say that is bad or negative about this well executed play.

Going into the theater, I had no prior knowledge of the play and only knew it obviously involved nineteenth century poet and writer Edgar Allen Poe. With only that known, I sat and watched as a story unfolded in what turned out to be quite the watch. The story begins with a woman who wanders into a house, requesting desperately that she is provided shelter. The woman, played by Madison Kiekel, is greeted by a detective known as Dupin and two other men who each stay in one of the three rooms in the house. Dupin reveals to the woman’s shock that the other two men, known as Heart and Cat and played by Christian Campbell and Samuel Shroyer, are murderers. The play then follows the two murderers as they each tell of their killings and explores their dark psyches. After their haunting tales, the woman is led to question and confront the detective about the obvious: everyone who resides in a room in the house has a story of a twisted murder to tell. What is the detective’s? This comes and helps to lead to a shocking revelation.

The biggest highlight of the play is definitely the performances. Its lead performers Madison Kiekel, Brian Hughes, Christian Campbell, Samuel Shroyer all give great performances. The accents several of the characters must pull off are well done and there is not a moment in which there is a slip of the tongue. The show stealer was definitely Christian Campbell in his portrayal of “Heart”, tormented man who ends up murdering a respected man because of his being tormented by the sound of a heartbeat. Obviously, with the plot focusing on the characters through their individual stories, the play provides excellent character development and one is truly able to get full looks at the tormented psyches of the men and their dark past. The chorus is just as excellent as there is great conveying on what each character represents instead of seeming like a lot of extras. The chorus also helps to give the audience a sense of fear and disturbance as much of their actions happen around the audience instead of just off the stage.

The production value is just as great. The sets are well designed and there are unique techniques done to display certain actions that take place. The costume designs are excellent as well as the lighting. Make-up and special effects are especially highlights. Blood and gore is certainly done well and does not hold back for a high school play. The sound effects and music is done well and perfectly set for certain moments. All of this is due to Brooke Hyde, Hannah Edmunds, Mary Brinsko, Jerrica Burke, Tanar Yocum, Hanna Burwell, and Evey Shanks, as well as their supporting crew.

Overall, the play is well done and is able to certainly stir up applause. With high production value, top-notch performances, and a plot that certainly stirs things up, Murder By Poe is certainly a great and worthy play to go see. This is due to every single member of the crew’s participation and involvement and certainly due to director and technical director Bradley Hewlett and Matthew Samson’s direction. The cast and crew certainly pay great homage to the dark tales of Edgar Allen Poe that certainly highlighted the spirit of fall.