Philosophy club extends knowledge


Mariya Vashchenko, Reporter

To think about the meaning of life, to discuss problematic topics, and to expand the knowledge about problem solving, Creek’s students are welcomed to join the Philosophy club. Philosophy is the study about general and fundamental problems, which are connected with the reality, values, knowledge, existence, reasons, mind and language. Due to this knowledge people can improve their lives, solve a lot of problems and get to know more interesting facts. The club meets every Monday after 7th period.

The purpose of the Philosophy club is to unite people, who are interested in philosophy, and people who just want to extend their knowledge.

“I really just wanted to get more people interested in philosophy, cause it’s something that I’m really interested in, and I find that it applies to the world in more ways than people assume, and it’s also super political relevant. I think that’s important for people,“ Claire Berlinger, the organizer said.

During the meetings students have an opportunity to watch the Power Point presentations about famous philosophers, who lived in different historical periods of time. However, students will discover an amazing world of different and unique thoughts of the philosophers; compare how people developed their ideas and theories. After the presentation students will discuss different topics. Although, the purpose of the club is to unite people with the same interests, each student has a unique opinion. In the conversation it is always interesting to discover new things about the world and the society.

“Basically in our meetings I am planning on making presentations, and basically just discussions afterwards. Everything begs a question, and then we need ideas until we figure out what the question begs,” Berlinger said.

First of all, it is important to introduce the main ideas and theories.

“I want to talk about ideas holistically, like the idea and the people who contributed to that idea, and I kind of want to cover the basics in like couple of weeks, and than get into more modern theories, like social constructivism and postmodernism, and stuff like that, because that’s seems to be what a lot of people are interested in,”  Berlinger said.

The philosophy club is special. This club can help students with their social study classes. Students have an opportunity to know a lot of famous philosophers, find out different problems, and to improve their historical knowledge.

“This club is pretty cool, because it’s fairly academically motivated, which means that there is a lot of learning based stuff in it. It actually surrounded around what kids are learning in the History classes, and the English classes about affects and stuff. Also I am going to try to make it way more discussion based, so we are going to be engaging in philosophy from an academic perspective and I think, that’s pretty unique about us,” Berlinger said.

The organizers of the Philosophy club are waiting for you. Do not miss your opportunity to find a lot of new friends, to share your ideas and opinions and to make your life interesting.

To join the club students do not need to have any prep courses or previous knowledge. The only thing you need to have is the desire to discover the world around you.

“Anyone, absolutely anyone can come. We are in the room E 215, Mondays, after school, every week. Anyone can come. Anyone is encouraged to come. You don’t even have to contribute the conversation, you can just sit there, or you can totally contribute. I would love to have anyone here,” Berlinger said.