CCISD student compete in VASE art competition


Alyssa Lobue , Reporter

The Visual Arts Scholastic Event, known as VASE, is an art event that occurs yearly in February, with all UIL rules applied.   This specific competition differs from others because VASE is the only art competition where the artist can speak and explain their piece during the assessment made by professionals. VASE was created around the 1980’s for visual artists who have not been as exposed or appreciated as much as the performing arts, such as band, choir and theatre. This year will be the 21st season.

“The mission of the TAEA, Texas Art Educational Association, scholastic event is to recognize exemplary students achievements in the visual arts by providing art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve,” according to the official Texas Art Educational Association website.

A Clear Brook High School student, Amanda Candler, created the logo of VASE, when she had enrolled for a statewide VASE logo contest. After judgment of numerous designs from two hundred other contestants, Candler’s piece was chosen to represent TAEA VASE.

She explains her piece and the thoughts behind the making of her design very thoroughly, found on the official website.

“The concept for this piece was to make a visual representation of what art is. Art is not made to remain in the mind, but to use your hands and share it with the world. The hand is the ultimate tool. The three others represent imagining, creating, and sharing. The light blue illuminating the student’s hand is the inspiration that can come from art and the power of enlightening others around us of what they can achieve.”

The competition has grown and become so popular that Texas has been forced to spilt into four regions: North, South, East and West. Clear Creek has been placed to participate as the South region.

The 2015 VASE competition is February 7 at Clear Falls High School for artists of the grades nine through twelve, although each age group is judged separately, from all around Texas. The maximum amount of pieces each person can enroll is two, and each piece will cost $15 to sign up with. The original piece can be a wide variety of types of art, such as drawings, paintings, sculpture and even Jewelry.

A student’s score will be based on the use of the language of art throughout the presentation as well as the creative quality of their piece. Jurors will look for originality of concept, technical expertise, understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for visual art.

The scores capable of acquiring are a 4- Superior, 3-Excellent, 2-Average, and 1- Below Average. Although most performing arts, such as band, range their scores as one being the best, the artists enrolled will strive to receive a four, due to a small percentage of the scores of four will be looked at for a second time to see which will proceed to the state competition, which occurs April 24- 25.

The state competition will be located at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The rating scale at state will be determined as this; 5- Distinguished, 4- Exemplary, 3-Superior, 2- Excellent, 1- Accomplished. There will also be professionals present at the competition, who will be commending contestants with scholarships as well as Internships. After the judgement of all the enroll pieces has been made, the entries are exhibited and open for viewing to the public.  This provides opportunities for students to view the works of other student artists and to see the vast talents and fresh ideas of other students their age.

Although it is not required to be receiving a credit for an art class to enroll for the competition, contestants are required to be supervised by a Clear Creek High School art teacher while in the process of creation.