YouTube personality Grace Helbig lands TV show

Madison Daugherty, Reporter

The sarcastic, spunky and non-filtered YouTube celebrity Grace Helbig has just announced that she will be the host of her very own prime-time talk show. The Grace Helbig Project is rumored to air on E! in April of this year. Her show is going to feature Vines, Tweets and Instagram messages that the fans at home send. Also, much like her channel online; there will be interviews in strange and unexpected places like in a parked car.

The world was first introduced to Helbig through her YouTube channel called DailyGrace in March 2008. Her unique personality and quirky humor is what caught her fans attention. The fandom grew over the years and added up to 2.4 million subscribers in 2013, which also helped give her the 211 million video views. Although Helbig became quite the cyber star, she never let her bright fame take away her humble attitude. Her online web series was a combination of many different categories. She did one series called Bed Time Stories, which were based on fairy tales and mixed with a little R-rated Grace Helbig humor. Once the channel became its own, she had created more than 830 videos. Although this channel was a hit, it was not first where she was involved. The first time she aired on YouTube was when she was part of a corporate channel. Her departure from the channel was decided because she was done with not being able to pick her own content to film. At the time YouTube controlled every detail. Also, on January 16 in the year of 2014 she had created the legendary channel called it’sGrace. On this channel she was able to pick what was to be uploaded, she was able to make it all about Grace.

Not only was she successful online but also on screen. Camp Takota was released Valentine’s Day 2014. This comedic movie was an immediate hit with the fans from her online fame and included her close friend Hannah Hart who is also a famous YouTuber. After the movie, she published a book called Graces Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up. Her book received remarkable reviews, “one of the sharpest, funniest voices on YouTube,” Forbes said.

With all the books, YouTube videos, and the movie, she then came out with a recent podcast. This podcast is called Not Too Deep and includes interesting guest stars like Mark Douglas. Other friends and former YouTube stars have also been guests on her podcast like Chester See and Mitchell Davis.

This year she traveled all around the United States with her tour called Hey USA, where she traveled with good friend Mamarie Hart all around the states and filled the audience with laughter.

Underneath all of this ecstatic attention and fame, you have an ordinary 29-year old from South Jersey who simple just wants to do what her heart desires. She grew up with her parents and older brother John and younger brother Timothy Helbig. During her teenage years she was a wonderful track star and medal-winning pole-vaulter at Gateway Regional High School located in Woodbury Heights. The year she graduated was 2003 and she then attended Rampo College to begin studying. During her college years she joined an improv group, which is where she came up with her comedy group called Baked Goods. Two years later in 2005, Grace was in a pageant and made it to the semi-finals.

Grace Helbig has been nominated a numerous amount of times. In the year of 2012 she was nominated at the IAWTV Awards for Best-Writing (Non-fiction). Later in the year of 2013 she was nominated at the same Award ceremony and won the Best Host (Taped) and also won Best Hosted (Taped) Web Series. A year later, in 2014 she was nominated at the Screenchart! Channel Awards for best First-Person Series and Audience Choice Personality of the Year.