Varsity basketball team defeats Lake

Emily Ruthven , Around Creek Editor

Each week at seven o’ clock, Creek’s infamous student section witnesses the scoreboard score rise higher and higher as the boy’s varsity basketball team defeats each opponent they face. With an overall record of 24 wins and two losses, and a district record of eight and zero losses, it is no wonder that they are ranked fourth in the state. This year’s team includes seniors Karlin Humphrey, A.J. Sparks, Tyquon Jordan, Jared Evans, Payton Smith, Jabrel Trammell and Camron Keith, juniors Chase Hildreth, Xavier Ferrell, Rashadre Wilson and Ernest Thomas and sophomore Nick Shipley.

“We have a lot of talent on this year’s team so our expectations are a lot higher than last year,” senior Payton Smith said. The Creek basketball program has had a long line of championship teams.

“We have been winning a lot of games this season, so it’s nice to bring Creek back to their winning tradition,” Jared Evans said.

Due to the fact that this season’s team has a reputation for victory, the team has enjoyed many memorable moments together.

“The greatest moment so far in the season would definitely be when the team beat Ellison High School for the Killen Classic Championship,” Smith said.  According to Smith, the team’s goal for the season is to “win the district title and then go on and advance well into the playoffs.” However, to win the district title, Creek’s varsity team needed to defeat Clear Lake’s varsity team. In order to accomplish this goal they needed to “train harder and turn their weaknesses into strengths,” Jared Evans said.

“Clear Lake was definitely be our biggest competition in C.C.I.S.D,” Smith said. Team members Chase Hildreth, Jared Evans, and A.J sparks agree. When the Boy’s Varsity team played Lake, the Falcon student section was filled. However, Creek fans occupied every single seat on the home side bleachers. For the first quarter of the game, Lake was ahead of Creek. By the end of the second quarter, Creek had tied up the score. The Cavaliers entertained the crowd with a dance performance. When the eight minutes of half time were up, Creek came back onto the court with a new game plan. After the third quarter, Creek was winning by one point. Fans were on the edge of their seats, anxious and excited. The fourth quarter was a long score battle; with the score count mattering until the very last milliseconds. Fortunately the wildcat basketball team celebrated victory against the Clear Lake Falcons. The final score was 58-54, with scores going down to the last millisecond.

Out of the district, the team has mixed opinions on who will be their toughest opponent.

“Outside of the district, our toughest opponent that we will face will most likely be Ellison High School,” Smith and Sparks said. However, Evans believes that the “Cy Woods, North Shore and Cy Lakes” games will be intense.

With such high standards for the 2014-2015 season, each member of the team will need to set goals for themselves in order to contribute to the team as much as possible.

“As an individual I hope to contribute in ways that will help support the entire team as a whole,” Smith said. For Hildreth, “being the best teammate I can be” is the main goal.

The team is not the only part of Creek that has an outstanding reputation. Creek’s basketball student section is known for being the loudest in the district, with many chants and traditions.

“They always fill up the stands whether we have a home or away game. They mean a lot to the Clear Creek basketball program,” Smith said.

“The student section is wonderful. We have to make our student section number one in the state!” Evans said.