Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

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Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

Creek HiLife

Award winning news team covering the BEST high school in Texas.

Creek HiLife

Summer is Ahead
May 29, 2024

Beauty and the Beast Musical, a Show for All


The spring musical for the theater department is a Disney classic that people of all ages can enjoy, “Beauty and the Beast.” With all six shows available Jan 25, 26, and 27 and Feb 2, 3, and 4, the cast and crew has high hopes to provide entertainment for students, staff, family & friends.

Opening night was on Jan 25, a nerve-wracking night for the cast, who were unsure how the show was going to be received.

“It was definitely scary because we never know how the audience is going to react,” Hayley Bermont, supporting actress who plays Mrs. Potts, said. “Everything is on the line and all we can do is put on a good show.”

However, despite the worries of the cast, the audience appeared to really admire the show.  District Superintendent Karen Engle attended opening weekend and gushed about the wonderful production.

“I thought the costumes were really amazing, especially Madam de la Grande Bouche,” Rowan Svetlik (12) said.  “I also liked how some characters walked around and interacted with the audience in a few scenes. It really made the show more personal and interactive by creating a connection between the audience and characters.”

There are always a few challenges during the first few performances, but the cast has worked diligently to make the show run as smoothly as possible.

“No show is ever perfect, and there are different mistakes every night and in rehearsal,” Bermont said. “We try to play those off as best as we can.”

The musical has been in the works since the very beginning of the year, despite the other shows the theater program has also put on.

“Auditions were held way back in September, and we’ve had rehearsals since October,” Ensemble member Leila Embry (12) said. “I definitely think our work has paid off. It was kind of nerve-wracking during tech week because I was worried that it wouldn’t come together, but we pulled it off.”

Another reason the musical has been in production for so long is due to the pit orchestra, which consists of band and orchestra students along with professional piano and drum players, who are there to play live music alongside the show.

“We had four, sometimes five-hour rehearsals every day after school in the months leading up to the opening night. With all the time spent in rehearsal, I’ve just picked up the music,” violin player Bryan Stevens (12) said. “The live music makes the show more exciting, and we got to be able to work with the other programs, and with our music. Every show is something special and different.”

The inclusion of the musical arts from Creek coming together with the theater program creates a symbiotic relationship, elevating the show to a higher quality production.

“The live music added so much to the show,” Svetlik said. “The orchestra was a part of the cast and they added to the dramatic nature of the show. It was super cool being able to see all my friends play their instruments and be a part of the show, because it’s not a true musical if it doesn’t have music. The actors also did an amazing job with their solos and musical numbers.”

The numerous hours practicing and rehearsing paid off, with the show selling out several dates and with great supports from the audience. There are three more shows left, Feb 2-4. General admission tickets can be bought online at for fifteen $15 and students and staff get a discount of $3 for $12 per ticket.

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